Asheville Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal charge isn't something to be taken lightly. You deserve experienced legal representation that you can rely on for vigorous defense in the face of serious charges. As an Asheville criminal defense attorney, I provide a straightforward, professional approach to protecting your rights and freedoms.

The Law Office of Justin Sigmon is a full-service criminal defense law firm capable of handling a broad range of cases. I, Justin Sigmon, am familiar with a host of circumstances and adverse situations. Regardless of the severity of the charges against you, a knowledgeable and talented lawyer can always make a defense case. From traffic violations to larceny to violent crimes, you have options, and I can help you seize strong defense opportunities.

If you have been charged with any crime in Asheville, North Carolina, or in the surrounding areas, I can help you fight the charges and reduce the consequences you face. I can even take pre-emptive action if you are under investigation but have not been charged yet.

Protecting The Rights Of The Accused | Your Advocate In And Out Of Court

I began my legal career in the public defender's office in 2004. I have always been committed to offering the best possible legal counsel and representation to my clients. As a former public defender, I know the strengths and weaknesses of the system you are up against. I know the tactics law enforcement officers use to arrest and book you, and I know the tactics prosecutors will use to pursue conviction along with maximum sentencing.

You can't afford not to have a skillful Asheville criminal defense attorney in your corner. You have the right to attorney representation from the moment police begin speaking with you about your actions or whereabouts when a crime was committed.

Take advantage of your right to an attorney, and call me about your criminal defense case today. I take on a variety of cases and regularly handle cases involving DWI and traffic violations. I also represent people in cases involving drug offenses, as well as charges involving assault and domestic violence. No matter what criminal charges you are facing, I will work to protect your rights and to vigorously defend you throughout the criminal process.

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You need an attorney who will dedicate himself to achieving your best possible outcome. It is critical that we discuss your case and begin building a defense right away. Call me today at 800-260-0317 or contact me by email to schedule a free initial consultation.